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A Financial Success Consultant is a person who works with you one on one to provide solutions for debt consolidation or management, insurance options, retirement funds and investing. That can sound pretty boring, but I have to say, it is factually one of the most exciting industries to work in. 

So many people are stressed about money. In fact, after 10 years of working as a counselor I can tell you that money and relationships are the two key areas that cause the most stress in our daily lives.

When I work with clients, my goal is to remove the stress associated with money by getting my clients into the position where they are controlling their money rather than their money controlling them.

Financial Needs Analysis

The first step is always what is called a Financial Needs Analysis. I help my clients get over the first hump of laying out exactly where all their money is and where it is going each week or month. It is a very powerful step that allows the individual to fully confront their finances. Often times, the most vital step is this first one. It is easy to go along ignoring where the money is coming from and where it is going, but that can lead to unexpected expenses, overdrafts and bad use of credit to pay expenses. The Financial Needs Analysis will ensure you get an accurate gauge on the current status of your money so you can get busy on building your future financial security and wealth.

A Financial Plan That Works

After the Financial Needs Analysis is complete, the real fun begins. This is where I work with my clients to build a financial plan that they are excited about and feel empowered to follow. My financial plans are never about scaling way, way, back or cutting all excess unless of course my client is very passionate about doing so. I am all about what is doable. You can spend a whole lot of time writing a plan, but if the plan is never executed, what was the point?

As a Financial Success Consultant I also offer many financial products such as compound interest investments, tax sheltered retirement plans and special life insurance policies that allow for living benefits. I am not biased to one firm, so each product I offer my clients is tailored to meet their financial goals.

Building the Dream

My motto when working with clients is, “Let’s make reality fit the size of your dreams rather than shrink your dreams to fit the size of reality.” How much do you want to donate to charity? What do you want to provide for your children? How much do you want to have in savings? What lifestyle do you want to have? How fast do you want to pay off your debt? I ask those questions and help my clients reach those goals.

So while a Financial Success Consultant is working in the area of finance, all I am really doing is helping people have enough energy, ie money, to live the life of their dreams and truly succeed in all areas because they have the funds necessary to do so.

The Zoe Abbott team provides financial services to the entire Tampa Bay, Florida area as well as Boston, Massachusetts, Buffalo, NY and other offices across the nation. Soon we will be servicing Vancouver, Canada and Nova Scotia, Canada.

If you would like to work with my team and I, please reach out in the form below!



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