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QDRO Services

QDRO Services

QDRO services are sometimes necessary to ensure that both parties receive a fair separation. Divorce is not a light matter. Moon, Schwartz, & Madden helps clients receive fair representation during a divorce.

What is QDRO?

A qualified domestic relations order helps with the expectation that a spouse has access to retirement accounts into the future. A judge issues the order requiring the account to provide an alternate payee with a certain amount of funds.

Lawyers draft the QDRO and present the order to the judge for approval when it is deemed necessary to do so. These orders are typically accepted when a party is already a beneficiary and the account does not already have another order against it.

Why does a commercial investigation matter for a QDRO?

Spouses are not always open about their finances. There are many reasons they may choose to hide accounts. This may include a previous commitment or anxiety related to finances. Perhaps your ex-partner already experienced a divorce and is reluctant to be entirely open.

Investigators dive into existing accounts to create a more accurate picture of joint interests or those where both parties are an interest. We comb over every existing account to find assets that should be split. No stone is left unturned as we follow appropriate legal channels for the entire picture of a family’s assets.

Commercial investigation Services

Moon, Schwartz, and Madden attorneys are expert in finding assets. Our team uses the common practices of tracing and actuarial valuation to estimate the worth of communal property in today’s dollars.

These estimates account for the economic viability of each party and the effect of retirement accounts after death. A fair outcome ensures civility in what can be a bitter process.

Which types of retirement accounts does a QDRO affect?

A QDRO affects accounts already considered as jointly owned. This includes 401(k) and 403b accounts where there is an expectation that the spouse is the next of kin after death.

Other orders impact other accounts. We can help you draft the right documents for any situation to ensure that your well-being is secure into the future. There is no need to worry about whether the loss of retirement benefits will impact your health and stability.

What can I expect from a QDRO?

If we discover that there is reason to file a QDRO, expect to be named as the alternate payee. We walk clients through the process of filing this document with a judge.

Your lawyer is your advocate. We consider the entire situation to create the best outcome.

Divorce QDRO Services

Moon, Schwartz, and Madden helps clients receive a just divorce settlement. Our commercial investigations team uses proven strategies to dive into existing 401k and 403b plans to create a fair path forward. We help clients through a bitter time with specialized care, using our QDRO services to help secure your future.

There is no need to be insecure in your financing. Get in contact with our team today at (925) 258-7100 to schedule an intake appointment.

QDRO Services

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QDRO Services QDRO Services

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