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NOTE: If you have never had problems with money and are successfully managing your assets, PLEASE DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING.

The M Word ~ Issue 2

Changing Your Mindset

Whether or not they realize it, everyone has at least one “superpower”. One of mine is to put sanity into people’s finances by demystifying MONEY and helping them conquer their MONEY PROBLEMS.  My mission is to help you discover that MONEY is actually your friend and not some boring or scary subject to be avoided. 

Believe it or not, this first step of changing your mindset is both the easiest and hardest thing to do.

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s as simple as changing your mind.” This means that without even lifting a finger, we can simply just decide to think differently about something and this will in turn start to influence how we act and behave.

Now, how can something that seems so easy also be the hardest thing to do? Well, we already established that MONEY is an emotionally loaded subject. Stop for just a second and think about how MONEY PROBLEMS seem to be ingrained into the very fabric of our existence. Do you remember seeing your parents fight or stress out over money? Do you remember being a kid and not being able to buy things you wanted because you didn’t have your own money and were solely dependent on your parents?  Or do you remember losing money or seeing someone lose money? Have you or a loved one ever lost a job and been without income? 

We’ve all seen movies where sometimes even “good” people decide to rob a bank in desperation, or where some “evil” corporation destroys lives in order to make a profit. Whether from TV, the movies, history books or our own lives, we have been bombarded by countless examples of MONEY PROBLEMS. This also includes the amazing lengths people will go to when they don’t think they have enough money or when they fear losing it.

This of course leads us to that very famous saying: MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. The fact is: money is an inanimate thing that will sit around and do nothing until someone comes along and does something with it. Money doesn’t create any more evil than a toothbrush or a car, but put those two items into the hands of someone with evil on his mind and who knows? Humor aside, it’s not money, but a person motivated by greed that creates evil. Also, money tends to reflect and magnify the character of the person who is using it. If a person is a destructive jerk, more money will just make them a more obvious destructive jerk. Conversely, a giving and charitable person will usually become even more philanthropic.

To find out just how our deeply ingrained ideas of money can prevent financial success continue on to my next blog The M Word ~ Issue 3.



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